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Catskills Arts & Culture

Hailed as the “new mecca for artisans” by the New York Times, the Great Northern Catskills’ arts, theater, and performing arts ramp up for a new season of incredible experiences.

For centuries, the Catskill Mountains’ and the Hudson River’s raw natural beauty have beguiled creative spirits in search of inspiration. From Thomas Cole, the British expat known as the “Father of American Art,” to the performers beginning to make a name for themselves, the Catskills offer an arts and culture scene that is at once familiar, and entirely new.

The LUMBERYARD Center for Film and Performing Arts heralded a rebirth in performing arts for many, offering a host of engaging events for all ages to enjoy, while providing space for budding artists and performers to hone their craft.

At the Bridge Street Theatre in downtown Catskill, magic shows, theatrical performances and psychics invite you to escape into a world of delight and intrigue. At the Orpheum Theater & Performing Arts Center, a state-of-the-art space hosts dance festivals and music events.

For a tour of Greene County’s greatest-of-all-time artistic landmarks and spaces, travel along the Kaaterskill Clove Experience, a self-guided tour of the region’s most important and historical arts hot spots.

Learn about Washington Irving's beloved rapscallion Rip Van Winkle, visit art galleries and Catskills museums, and spend time wandering through gardens and groves that inspired the painters, poets, and philosophers that helped shape the nation's appreciation for the natural world.

When the creative spirit beckons, head to the Great Northern Catskills for a unique and inspiring journey.

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Find out why the New York Times called us

The "New Mecca for Artisans"

Watch the video and experience the beauty of the Catskills' region and the mythical lore of the Emerald Isle with festivals and events celebrating the arts, music and more!

Performing Arts

Lumberyard Contemporary Performing Arts

The Lumberyard Center for Film and Performing Arts in Catskill offers winter performances and more. 

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