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Distinct Catskills Charm

Greene County's natural beauty has an undeniable allure, but it's our small towns dotting the bucolic landscape that give the Great Northern Catskills its unique character, distinct charm and a strong sense of place.

Whether you’re a first-time visitor or a seasonal staple, you will always have a place within the welcoming communities of the Catskills. There are no big cities, no bright lights – just picturesque main streets, locally-owned and operated restaurants and boutiques, private galleries, performing arts theaters, and some of the most interesting people you will ever meet.

Athens, NY

Historic, cultural, and iconic, Athens offers a River Region experience in a long-standing Catskill community. From delicious meals to glorious sunsets, visit Greene County’s first incorporated village, and discover Athens.

East Durham, NY

East Durham NY, with its rolling green hills and verdant valleys, is rightfully renowned as the Emerald Isle of the Catskills.

Coxsackie, NY

With must-try restaurants, serene outdoor exploration, and a storied past, Coxsackie is a unique town with much to offer. Whether you’re in the mood for a drive-in movie or want to browse for the perfect antique for your home, get ready for an unforgettable getaway that’s fun for all ages.

Round Top & Purling, NY

For incredible mountain biking and all the Wiener schnitzel and noodles you can eat, visit the Round Top and Purling area, a place so entirely unique and welcoming it feels like summer camp – even in winter! Home to Oktoberfest celebrations that give Germany’s festivities a run for their money, as well as a welcoming community that’s eager to share their favorite spots for everything from a round of golf to a mug of German beer, Round Top and Purling are a must-visit for anyone looking for a mix of laid-back vibes and adventure-ready landscapes.

Catskill, NY

If the arts call to you, be sure to stop in Catskill, the birthplace of American art. There is big history in this small town, nestled along the banks of the Hudson River. Learn more at the Thomas Cole House, former home of the famous Hudson River School painter and founder, and stroll across the new Hudson River Skywalk for a new perspective on the valley.

Hunter, NY

Find some of the region’s most popular attractions and events in the town of Hunter. Every day is an adventure in this small town, home to a zip line tour, a mountain sky ride, and a ski resort. Hunter is also host to seasonal events, cozy lodging, and excellent restaurants.

Windham, NY

Get your fill of everything Catskills when you visit Windham. One of the oldest small towns in the region, Windham is often called the “gem of the Catskills.” It is a popular destination for friends, families, and couples alike, and offers a wide breadth of entertainment opportunities. From outdoor recreation and cozy lodging to golf courses and acclaimed cuisine, Windham has everything you need for the perfect small town vacation any time of year. 

Tannersville, NY

Explore the colorful downtown of Tannersville, filled with hundred-year-old buildings painted bright colors and finished with decorative shutters and signs. It’s the perfect place to shop before grabbing a bite to eat or catching a show.

Prattsville, NY

Located on the northwest edge of Greene County where the Schoharie Creek bends alongside Route 23, the hamlet of Prattsville is home to a legendary treasure literally hidden beneath a rock–Pratt Rock.

Prattsville was named after Zadock Pratt, a congressman and prominent citizen, who helped position the town as a major trading hub in Upstate New York in the 1800s. Pratt’s true legacy, however, is literally carved there into stone


Greenville, NY

This northern Greene County town boasts expansive views of the Catskill Mountains to the south, three golf courses, legacy family resorts and small-town charm.