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A Campus For Contemporary Art.  

85,000 square foot campus includes contemporary art galleries, studios, food and beverage programs, special projects, and events.

Foreland is situated on the banks of Catskill Creek in the Hudson River Valley.

Upcoming Exhibits:

Laughing Upon the Stretch of a Swooping Line


For the gallery’s second presentation at Foreland, Abattoir (Cleveland, OH) will exhibit the work of interdisciplinary artist, Benedict Scheuer. His introspective drawings invite us to witness his ongoing mental and spiritual exploration; through a unique visual language, glimpses of understanding and belonging emerge.



New Discretions (New York, NY) group show I MISS THE FUTURE features works by Maria Antelman, Justin Chance, Paul Gabrielli, Ben Godward, Joseph Heidecker, Michelle Lopez, LoVid, Brice Marden, Lucas Michael, Bob Mizer, Liz Nielsen, Jeremy Olson, Geof Oppenheimer, Matthew Porter, Letitia Quesenberry, Shoplifter, João Trevisan.

Alika Cooper & Madeleine Hines


Situations (New York, NY) is pleased to present Alika Cooper: MANHOLES and Madeleine Hines: THE LOVED OBJECT at Foreland.

Alika Cooper : Manholes

Chris Bogia, "Candle", 2022.

The work will be on display as part of Foreland Presents, courtesy of Mrs. Gallery, from March 15 through September 1st, 2023.

Upstate Art Weekend 2023

NADA Foreland

NADA (New Art Dealer Alliance) July 21- 24, 2023