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Farm-to-Table in Greene County


The farm-to-table movement may not have started in the Great Northern Catskills, but the philosophy of prioritizing locally sourced, sustainable products purchased from the meat producers, gardeners, and farmers themselves over manufactured and mass-produced goods certainly matches up well with the verdant abundance in this region of New York State.

Chefs and restaurateurs took notice and many of our most celebrated places to eat owe their success to the farm-to-table philosophy. At Jessie’s Harvest House in Tannersville, diners are treated to carefully crafted dishes made using local ingredients, incorporating the flavors of the season. With small plates, large plates, and share plates, try a few different dishes and choose your favorite! The everchanging menu includes everything from ribeye to crispy brussels sprouts.

But if you think farm-to-table equals steep prices or fancy menus, think again! The philosophy is deeply rooted in the idea of simple, yet elegant cooking. A weekend jaunt to one of the Catskills’ farmers’ markets may lead to an impromptu meet-up with a local chef happy to share their favorite recipes for what’s fresh that day.

Mama’s Boy Burgers in Tannersville serves up grass-fed, grain-finished, angus beef from a local farm, and ice cream made just across the Hudson River in Kingston. Simple yet wholesome, and who doesn’t love a burger and fries?

Across the region, Catskills' restaurants proudly declare their support for local producers. Swing into the Windham Local Public House for a locally brewed beer, or get a scratch-made meal from Gracie’s Luncheonette in Leeds and experience the Great Northern Catskills’ farm-to-table cuisine. Where will you go first?

Our Farm to your Table

Greene County's farmers' markets offer an array of local produce, baked goods, meats, and cheeses. The farmers' market is an experience to share with the family, from unique locally made products to live music, there is so much to enjoy.

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