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Cafes and Bakeries

A trip into one of our local bakeries is enough to transport anyone into a state of mouth-watering anticipation. Who doesn’t love the warm, enveloping smell of freshly baked bread, donuts, and blueberry muffins?

At La Patisserie Normande in Windham, the traditions of French baking and café culture are on display and waiting. Owner Antoine Vasse creates marvel after marvel and is celebrated for his Napoleons, chocolate eclairs, and apple tarts as much for his buttery croissants and specialty cakes. Bonfiglio and Bread LTD in Athens specializes in bread, pastries and homemade pizzas topped with spicy Cappicola, honey, and cheese, or Castelvetrano olives and capers – followed by a Greek salad with locally made feta, pumpkin seeds, and peppers. Open Friday through Sunday 8am - 4pm. 

In Palenville and Catskill, Circle W is a local and visitor favorite offering fresh sandwiches, baked goods and more. From Catskills diners serving up fresh donut ice cream sandwiches to cafés made for savoring perfect espresso and chocolate cake – our Great Northern Catskills bakers are masters of pastry.

And if you're still hungry...

See what our local diners are cooking up

Greene County is home to some of the best greasy spoon grub in the state, from doughnuts the size of dinner plates stuffed with hand-churned ice cream and drizzled with chocolate sauce, to grass-fed burgers served on homemade buns with a side of homemade ketchup.

Or go on a food exploration on a Catskills food tour!

With so many fantastic dining experiences to discover in the Great Northern Catskills, it can be hard to decide what and where to eat! We've come up with some food-centric itineraries by town and taste to make it a little easier!

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