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Catskills Family Vacation Packages

Vacation Packages for the Whole Family 

In the Catskills, all-inclusive family resorts offer vacation packages that bundle lodging, meals and entertainment into one great deal for year-round adventure and family bonding. Part of the cultural fabric of the Catskills in upstate New York, Greene County's family resorts harken back to a time where the endless days of summer were marked by games of Marco Polo in the pool, applications of suntan lotion, and evenings were spent watching fireworks or chasing fireflies.

Capture the magic of summer at one of Greene County's family resorts offering on-site entertainment, meals and activities for the whole family. Stay at a golf resort and play a few rounds while the kids enjoy craft time or guided nature hikes, or book a family getaway in the winter and explore the snowy woods and ski slopes of New York's 'First Vacationland.'

Start planning your family vacation in the Catskills!

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All-inclusive Family Resorts

Discover Greene County’s most enduring tradition, a heritage spanning centuries, a memory-making vacation to inspire and relax the whole family.

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Dining in the Catskills

From the Hudson Valley’s bountiful farms to the mountaintop winery at Windham, Greene County offers a variety of culinary adventures to satisfy any appetite.

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