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The Historic Catskill Point on the Hudson River

A wedding on the water, with views of distant mountains in summer or fall. Your “I Dos” will have a backdrop like no other wedding you’ve been to, and your reception in the historic and lovingly restored park on the river will glow under a soft halo of café lights, illuminating your friends and family as they celebrate your big day.

When you plan a wedding at the Historic Catskill Point at the intersection of Catskill Creek and the Hudson River, you get one-of-a-kind views of the Catskill Mountains and two scenic waterways – ideal for a romantic wedding or special event. This public park is open to all, but also offers two buildings, a spacious resorted warehouse that is more than 120 years old, and a museum that houses a permanent collection of Catskill ephemera, for private event rentals. Create the Catskill Point wedding of your dreams, from waterfront vows to dancing under a canopy of stars.

The Historic Catskill Point is ideal for a variety of events and festivals, from artistic performances to wine festivals, and art shows to special exhibitions. The open-air cobblestone plaza and waterfront park add to the mystique of the 19th-century buildings – providing a romantic and scenic setting for all occasions, whether you’re saying “I Do,” or watching a local band perform during summer.

The Historic Warehouse is a 125-year-old wooden structure with truss ceilings and a clear span covering 180 ft. x 50 ft. or 9,000 square feet. With large bay doors that can be opened on both the Hudson River and Plaza sides, the building provides an "open-air" feeling that is perfect for larger gatherings, such as weddings, fundraising events, galas and other special events. The Warehouse can host up to 500 guests.

Discover the range of events hosted by the Historic Catskill Point and Freightmasters Building, or plan your own special occasion and enjoy having it all to yourselves!  

To learn more about the Historic Catskill Point call 518-943-3223 or browse through alternative places in Greene County to host your destination wedding.

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