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Donegal Irish Cottage Michael J. Quill Irish Centre

Tours upon request with a 24-hour notice required.

Originally built over 200 years ago in the town land of Carrickataggart, the cottage was carefully disassembled and shipped across the Atlantic Ocean in pieces and sections. After arriving in New York Harbor they were unloaded , shipped to East Durham and reassembled.

The Michael J. Quill Irish Cultural and Sports Centre's objective is to preserve and promote Irish/ Irish American culture and artistic heritage. We host, sponsor and promote several Irish festivals and events, most notably the Catskills Irish Arts Week. 

The Quill Center is located in beautiful East Durham, New York - also known as the Emerald Isle of the Catskills, due to its striking resemblance to the lands of Ireland - and  home to the Irish Park, a one-acre map of Ireland constructed entirely of red bricks. This map has the distinction of being the largest map of Ireland in the world, with all the counties correctly laid out and named.