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Catskills Vacation Rentals

All the Comforts of Home

Visit the Great Northern Catskills and enjoy all the comforts of home. Book a Catskills vacation rental and benefit from conveniences that can include spacious living areas, multiple bedrooms and bathrooms, full kitchens allowing you to cook your own meals, and outdoor space for recreational activities and privacy – plus some are pet-friendly!

Depending on the size of your party and the length of your stay, a private vacation rental has many advantages over a hotel in the Catskills, such as space for everyone to feel comfortable. After all, you love your friends and family, but sometimes you just need a little moment to yourself while others in your group are rearing to head out and explore the fun activities in the Catskills.

View the list of available Catskills vacation house rentals below and select the property with your preferred location, availability and amenities. 

Find the Perfect Vacation Rental

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River House Livingroom
Clover Aerial View
River Lodge Livingroom
Curran's Suites
A Stream Side Cottage & The Waterfall House Rentals

Catskills Condo Rentals

Renting a condo can be the perfect option for families traveling to the Catskills. Traveling with your family can be great, but sometimes you just need some space to do your own thing. Available for short or long term rental, guests have access to a variety of amenities and conveniences that make stays comfortable, exciting, and memorable. Amenities can include tennis courts, swimming pools, fitness centers, multiple bedrooms and baths, full kitchens and easy access to local Catskills attractions. Whatever your family's interests, the offerings of condo rentals are just what you need to begin a great trip.

Winwood Inn & Condominiums

Winwood Inn and Condominiums

The Winwood Inn hotel and condos are conveniently located 1 mile south of Windham Mountain and 1/4 mile east of the town of Windham.  Guest rooms are spacious and large family suites are also available.

Liftside Village condos

Liftside Village Condominiums

Pinnacle Condominiums are the closest lodging location for all the action at Hunter Mountain is perched atop the Hunter Mountain Base Lodge. Two to six bedroom units are available to suite every need.