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Catskill Wellness Retreats

The concept of traveling for personal renewal or spiritual restoration goes beyond spending the day at the spa or giving forest bathing a try. Wellness travel is an immersive experience that is meant to help you tune up or tune out, unplug from daily life, and find your own version of Zen.

In the Great Northern Catskills, wellness is a way of life, and healthy retreat centers offer guests the chance to indulge in something they rarely focus on: personal health. Take the opportunity to indulge in an active, outdoor, healthy lifestyle at one of our wellness retreat centers – even if you prefer mountain pose on a deck to actually hiking in the mountains. These are trips designed to improve your overall well-being – and you don’t have to travel far or spend a small fortune to have that restorative experience. Located just two hours north of Manhattan and three hours west of Boston, the Catskills are close and waiting.

What does a wellness retreat mean? Well, it’s more than simply unplugging from social media or spending less time scrolling through your phone. It’s about establishing a sustainable self-care regime. Our Catskill instructors guide guests through everything from yoga classes, to proper sleep preparation, to meditating and developing mindfulness. Their aim is to create lasting impact so that when you leave the resort or retreat grounds, and you feel your jaw begin to clench in frustration, you know what to do to relax in the moment immediately.

So, if the subway squeeze or rush hour traffic has you day-dreaming about wide open views, fresh air, and farm-fresh food, look no further than the Great Northern Catskills for a wellness retreat to restore your inner balance.

For a peaceful retreat with a spiritual focus…

Peace Village Learning & Retreat Center in Haines Falls offers a 300-acre campus that “reflects and respects all that is good about the mountains of upstate New York – fresh air, quiet, close to nature.” With a “spa for the soul” philosophy, Peace Village retreats and programs focus on Brahma Kumaris, a spiritual movement emphasizing personal transformation and world renewal. It is the largest spiritual organization in the world led by women. Learn how to meditate, practice yoga, and enjoy vegetarian cuisine. In keeping with founder Brahma Baba’s belief that exploring your spirituality should not come at a cost, there is no set cost for a stay. However, donations and donations-in-kind are welcome.

At this time, weekend retreats, workshops, and weekly classes at Peace Village are being offered online and in-person. Please check our website for details. Learn to meditate, study spiritual knowledge, and increase your spiritual awareness to find the "peace village within". 

For a wellness retreat with a religious focus….

Grace Manor Christian Retreat Center in Greenville is ideal for church and youth group retreats, offering ample space for workshops and services, and is located within close proximity to many of the Catskills top attractions, including Kaaterskill Falls, K&K Equestrian Center at Ravine Farm, and several of the region’s top golf courses. Famous for their generous, buffet-style meals, Grace Manor offers a variety of Chinese and American cuisine, as well as barbecue under the pavilion during the summer.

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Trip Ideas

Whether you’re looking for a peaceful yoga retreat, a spiritual awakening, or a good night’s sleep, check out the Great Northern Catskills trips ideas to plan your next adventure.