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June 2024

Hudson-Athens Lighthouse Celebrates One Hundred & Fifty Years With Boat Parade!

    • Sat, 06/01/2024
  • PO Box 145, Athens, NY 12015

This year marks the 150th anniversary of the Hudson-Athens Lighthouse, filled with
rich maritime history and fascinating stories.
On June 1st, we will be hosting a spectacular Boat Parade, with participation from
various esteemed Hudson River Yacht clubs, led by the US Coast Guard and
Naval Militia. Free Park Admission.

Our special guest is Miss NY, and we extend our sincere thanks to Greene County
Tourism and NY by Rail for their support.
After 150 years, the lighthouse still serves as a beacon to ships on the Hudson
River, being the last lighthouse at the north end of the Hudson River. There used to
be 14 lighthouses on the river, but due to neglect and lack of funds, only 7 remain.

The Hudson-Athens Lighthouse Preservation Society (HALPS) took over the
lighthouse in 1982, inheriting its deteriorating structure. Through time and devotion,
the lighthouse was restored close to its former beauty. Today, HALPS continues to
care for the lighthouse, welcoming visitors, sharing its tales, and raising funds to
ensure the light shines forever.

Join us in the celebration of this historic milestone and help support the Hudson-
Athens Lighthouse by volunteering, making donations, or exploring sponsorship
opportunities. Together, we can preserve this iconic landmark for generations to
Time: 11:00 am – 4:00 pm
Music and Festivities: Hudson Riverfront Park
Launching at the Athens, NY Boat Launch at 12:00 pm
Float Plan: From Athens, NY port, boats will sail down to Catskill, passing the Rip
Van Winkle Bridge, turn around in Catskill’s Dutchman Landing and head back to
Hudson Riverfront Park, circling the Hudson-Athens Lighthouse.

Visit for float plan schedule and tune in to FM 107.5.
For boat or vendor participation Please email


Hudson-Athens Lighthouse

1874 Lighthouse in the Majestic Hudson River.