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June 2024

Coconuts + Art Workshop (For Families!)

    • Sun, 06/16/2024
  • 4470 Route 32, Catskill, NY 12414

Join us in commemorating Father’s Day with a delightful exploration of the versatile and delicious coconut. Adults and older kids alike are invited to experience the art of splitting whole coconuts, followed by the creation of a delectable coconut chutney using the freshly harvested flesh. Meanwhile, the coconut shell will serve as our canvas for artistic expression, allowing participants to unleash their creativity through paintings and other artistic endeavors.

Through the fusion of food and art, we’ll delve into the rich historical and culinary significance of the coconut, gaining insight into its multifaceted uses throughout history. The event will culminate in a light snack featuring our culinary creations, and each participant will depart with a jar of chutney and their own unique artwork.

Led by Suresh Pillai, whose culinary journey began under the guidance of the matriarchs of his family in Kerala, South India, this workshop promises a blend of cultural immersion and creative exploration. Join us in our certified commercial kitchen situated on our tranquil farm property. Additionally, take advantage of the opportunity to embark on a farm tour and peruse the offerings at our Atina Home Store.

Please bring a hammer for this workshop!

This workshop is designed for families: each $60 ticket is for a family (2 adults with 1 child, $25 each additional child). Recommended ages 7-14 — please note, hammers and sharp tools will be used.



Atina Studio Kitchen