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Studio Minimale

From us with love…

Each object in your home holds a purpose and can influence your inner-peace. At Studio Minimale, we believe selecting the right items helps to cultivate a home that soothes your everyday stresses. We passionately source unique, hand-made-with-love products from around the world and from local artisanal makers that offer the highest quality and integrity. Our goal is to curate products that are sustainable, made from natural and ethically sourced materials with fair trade in mind.

Inspired by Japanese concept of wabi-sabi, Danish Hygge and minimalism, our store teaches you how color palettes, textiles, scents, and materials work in harmony for a calmer existence. It is possible to craft tranquility and relaxation in your home life.

Together, we can help you choose the right combinations that heal your soul and senses. Whenever you want to escape the bustle and feel the health benefits of a slower living, we are here for you.

Studio Minimale.