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Rooted by Moonlight Meadow Flower Farm

Introducing ROOTED, a unique flower shop born from the heart of Moonlight Meadow Flower Farm! Established in 2022, MMFF grew from a deep love for gardening and a profound connection to the Earth. Over the past two years, we've delighted in offering exquisite flowers at our roadside stand and local farmer’s markets. These experiences have not only allowed us to engage with our community but also highlighted the therapeutic benefits of gardening for the soul.

Our journey has now blossomed into ROOTED, the next chapter in our story. With the opening of our brick-and-mortar store, we're putting down physical 'roots' to provide our mountaintop community and visitors alike with a year-round haven for everything floral. From fresh-cut bouquets to specialty houseplants, and from garden and home décor to bespoke designs for life’s memorable moments, ROOTED aims to spread joy, one bloom at a time.

We invite you to visit ROOTED and explore our offerings. Whether you’re seeking the perfect bouquet or inspiration for your home, our store is your destination. Stay connected with us by signing up for our newsletter and following us on social media to stay informed about our latest updates and offerings. Let ROOTED be your source for all things floral, where every visit promises a blooming experience.