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Tannersville-Hathaway Trail System

Miles of professionally designed trails. 

The Tannersville-Hathaway Trail System was developed by the Hunter Foundation and includes a four-mile trail that starts on Route 25 at the parking lot, 1.5 miles from the Stewarts Shops. It twists, bends, and curves through backcountry trails suitable for beginner mountain bikers to seasoned riders.

Miles of professionally designed and constructed trails especially built for mountain biking, the Tannersville-Hathaway Trail System is beautifully integrated with the stunning natural landscape nestled in the Catskill Park Wilderness. It is ideal for beginners to feel comfortable on real mountain bike trails while at the same time providing entertainment for a seasoned rider. Walkers, hikers, and XC skiers welcome.

Trails no to be missed: Thriller, lives up to its title by all means.