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Fawn's Leap Falls

Fawn's Leap is a 24' high waterfall located in Kaaterskill Creek just above Moore's Bridge.

How Fawn's Leap Got Its Name

The etymology of Fawn's Leap is contested, and historians have tried to determine how the popular spot got its name for a long time. The most common story is that a doe and fawn tried to cross the water, and the fawn failed to jump after its mother, falling into the falls. In one story, the fawn lives, in another, it does not. Whatever is true, it is a popular place to cool off on a hot summer's day.

This is a very popular hiking destination, and can become overcrowded. We suggest finding an alternative waterfall hike.

Whenever you are hiking near a waterfall, remember to use extreme caution. Spray can dampen nearby rocks and soil, creating slippery conditions. Never attempt to climb up the waterfalls themselves, as a fall could be life threatening.

Please practice "Leave No Trace" principles and carry out what you carry in.

Additional Info

To combat the overcrowding and illegal parking at access points on Route 23A, the Town of Hunter will be towing all illegally parked vehicles at the owners' expense. This policy will remain in effect indefinitely. See below for more information:

The town of Hunter has issued a new Kaaterskill Clove Parking Enforcement policy that goes into effect the weekend of August 8, 2020.