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Elm Ridge Trail System

Just two miles east of downtown Windham.

The Elm Ridge Trails are nestled in the state-owned, protected, and forever wild lands of the Catskill Preserve Wild Forest. The trail system is well-marked and easy for all to navigate; while built specifically for mountain bikers, all are welcome. The miles and miles of scenic trails offer something for everyone from seasoned mountain bikers to those just getting started.

Closest to the Route 23 parking area, you will find the section known as the “FUN Loops.” These trails offer some of the least difficult riding on the ridge. The FUN Loops gently climb and flow along some small streams and hidden rock walls and through deep forests. Entry-level riders tend to spend most of their time riding and exploring this area.

For those who would like to experience a bit more pitch and push, the “Levitate” trail will elevate you to the top of the ridge and open the door for many miles of outback, flowy, singletrack fun. Each trail has a unique feel and flow, but most offer endless riding features such as optional jumps and kicks.

Whether you are out for a quick hour ride or a full day in the saddle, all riders, regardless of their abilities will have a blast riding and exploring the twenty-five plus miles and continually improving, Elm Ridge Trail Network.

Not to be be missed: Gold Mine and Run Noot!