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The Colonial Trail System

Ride “nature’s rollercoaster with Daytona berms,” go for a nice cross-country ride, and connect to more trails on Greene County’s newest mountain biking trail network.

The Colonial Trail System is the newest mountain biking trail network in Greene County. Eight man-made and true “rake and ride” trails covering a total of five miles are located adjacent to the Colonial Golf Club in Tannersville. Developed in partnership with private individuals, including local mountain biker Ernie Reale, and the Hunter Foundation, the trails are easily accessed from several directions. Connect from the Huckleberry Rail Trail or the Hathaway Trail System to add extra mileage, or via Allen Lane and the Colonial Golf Club parking lot.

Recommended Route: Ride down Allen Lane a 1/8 of a mile, making a right at the fire hydrant. Look to the left to find the entrance to Giddy Up and begin a challenging climb to the driving range plateau.

At the top, cross the dirt road (to the left you’ll see the beginnings of the BMX skills park/ jump line, a future project) and continue straight across to the Deer Camp trail, a small connector trail that leads to Main Street. Make a right onto Main Street and ride for about three minutes to get to the entrance to Goof Ball, a beginner cross-country loop that borders the driving range.

At the end of Goof Ball, make a right onto Bear Skull. Starting out on double-track, it quickly turns into a raw single-track track. This is the longest trail of the system and shouldn’t be attempted by beginner-level mountain bikers.

At the end of Bear Skill connect to June Bug, a half natural, half manmade trail with small berms at the beginning and larger ones toward the end. Climb back up Main Street all the way to the top and make a right onto Narnia or Pancho Villa's – both bring you all the way back down to the bottom of Main Street.

Narnia is mostly man-made, and Pancho's is pure rake and ride along the ridge. Ride the trail system in cross country fashion by climbing up Main Street three times or in Enduro fashion by riding the Huckleberry Rail Trail to get you back to the top area.

Reale recommends riding the network twice for a 10-mile ride, then heading back to the Huckleberry Rail Trail for a stop at the Tannersville Boathouse Restaurant to grab a bite to eat.