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Artist Falls

Artist Falls is a 25 foot high waterfalls located on Winter Clove Brook near Winter Clove Inn. Years of erosion have created a large basin at the bottom of the waterfalls and the Alfred Clark Covered Bridge sits on top of the falls. Both the falls and covered bridge are easily accessible from Winter Clove Inn. 


There are two paths, one takes you to the covered bridge on top of the falls and the other takes you to the brook below the falls. Both are a 2-3 minute walk from the parking lot, in the winter the trail to below the falls is often not accessible as large snow drifts accumulate.


There is a small parking lot directly across from the outdoor pool which is the closest parking however if it is full continue up the paved road and you will find a larger parking lot on the left alongside the bowling alley. 


Covered Bridge: Provides views of the falls and basin from above and Winter Clove Brook leading up the the waterfalls. 

    Begin in the small parking lot across the road from the outdoor pool. A dirt path will lead up a small embankment and into the woods, at the top of the embankment will be a stand of large pine trees and directly ahead you will see the railing and path leading down to the covered bridge. 


Below the falls: Provides views of Artist Falls and basin, Covered Bridge, and Winter Clove Brook. 

   Begin in the small parking lot across from the outdoor pool. You will notice a path/road skirting around the right side of the trees towards an old wooden building, which is an 1800’s saw mill. Continue to follow the path past the saw mill and down towards the creek until you arrive near the base of Artist Falls.