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October 2024

Autumn Seasonal Walk

    • Sun, 10/13/2024
  • 480 Route 385, Athens, NY 12015

As autumn unfolds, our abundance of nut-bearing trees and shrubs generously yield bountiful harvests of nuts, while numerous bird species embark on their migration south for the winter. Join ethnobiologist Justin Wexler on an Autumn seasonal walk, where we'll unravel the mysteries of the natural world through the prism of Northeastern native languages, history, and folklore.

Prepare for the outdoors by dressing in layers suitable for the temperatures and wearing appropriate footwear for a 1-2 mile walk. Be ready for potentially muddy trails over hilly terrain.

Please be aware that participation in the event is limited to 20 individuals, and there is a cost of $10 (plus a $2.51 registration fee).


The Willows at Brandow Point