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Glamping at the Old Catskill Game Farm

Come camp at the Old Catskill Game Farm.

The 4 tent locations are tucked into hundreds of acres of uninhabited land giving you the perfect getaway on a truly unique property! Allows up to 13 guests at each site. Share the experience with friends and family!

These campsites are located on the site formerly known as The Catskill Game Farm operational from 1933-2006. It was a zoo which housed over 2,000 animals. Among their collection included Giraffes, Rhinos, Pygmy Hippos and many more. The zoo itself is approximately 150 acres with 3.5 miles of paved walkways and 130 structures. It is now often visited by people, for the sake of nostalgia, urban exploration, photography and/or a really interesting place to camp!

PLEASE VISIT for more information or to book your stay!

Property Information
Open Mid May until the first heavy snow fall

Glamping in the Catskills

Glamping in the Catskills is the perfect way to experience the natural beauty of the region without sacrificing your comfort!