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Sister Salvage 2.0

Thrift & Consignment Store in Catskill, New York.

Old memories are preserved here, old love letters & day books from old stores are revered. Vintage typewriters still type and fascinate young kids!

Antique memories of many anonymous, and perhaps a few familiar, lives are preserved here in our “Sister Salvage” store.
From the old comfortable chair that once sat by a fireplace and was surely someone’s specially loved chair to the first piece of Lucite furniture some teenager bought to put their stereo and record collection on top of…if it tells a story and the piece makes you want to sit in it, look at it, own it, or cherish it, then I have want it in my store. What I want to do which is draw you into the emotional side of shopping and decorating, collection and preserving.
Old is gold, new go screw.

It’s good for the soul to be around something old, something that evokes a memory, or a time and place. With owning old you can choose your time, 1950? 1890? and your place – buy upstate cabin Adirondack style or 1960 executive style ranch, sunken-living-room-style or better yet? Both!
Sister Salvage searches everywhere, barns, sheds, yard sales, estate sales, auctions, flea markets, old houses, old businesses anywhere (legal) for anything old, profane, hilarious, historical, unique, antique, local, hand made, heartfelt, sturdy, industrial or architectural.

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