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Loose Parts

Loose Parts is a Modular Furniture System

We strive to do away with traditional, one-size-fits-all furniture by designing around an intuitive and modular system that keeps flexibility and adaptabiliy in mind.

Made to last

Hand made in Hudson New York, our furniture is built to last so you can assemble, disassemble and reassemble for a lifetime!

Our homes are not static.

Rather, they are a moving set of objects that we are constanly reconfiguring to accommodate our changing needs. We naturally look to our environment and see possibilities. Whether it’s using a chair as a side table or the couch as a bed to offer a friend in town. 

That's why we belive furniture should be allowed to hold many identies. Using a unified rail system Loose Parts embodies a “Yes, and” attitude. In other words, yes, your furniture can be a table and it can be a shelf.