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Catskill Mountain House Overlook

From 1823 to 1963 the Catskill Mountain House stood atop the Catskill High Peaks, overlooking the glorious Catskill mountains and vast blue sky. A massive structure with gorgeous white columns bordering an expansive green lawn, people came far and wide to visit the popular destination. The nearby Grand Hotel also became a world famous vacation spot that attracted business tycoons, artists, and Presidents.

You can access this stunning vista from one of the most popular campgrounds in New York State, North-South Lake State Campground, which offers easy access to nearby trails from the blue-blazed Escarpment Trail. The Mountain House is an easy walk from the public lot at North Lake beach. Park in the public lot at North Lake beach and follow the blue blazes leading to the grassy open site where the Mountain House once stood. Interpretive signage is located at the summit. This Catskill attraction is perfect for the outdoor enthusiast as well as the history buff.

The Catskill Mountain House Site is the eighth stop on the Hudson River School Art Trail. This renowned art trail allows you to walk in the footsteps of several pioneering American landscape artists as you immerse yourself in artistic history.

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