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Zadock Pratt Museum

The Zadock Pratt Museum is dedicated to exhibiting the history and culture of Prattsville and its founder, Zadock Pratt. The Museum, located on Route 23, in the former Pratt Homestead, features exhibitions of historic and cultural importance to the Northern Catskill Region. Visitors are offered a glimpse into early American life, the tanning industry and its growth, as well as the unique history of Zadock Pratt and his influence on national politics and railroad expansion on the western frontier.

The Museum strives not only to preserve the historic Pratt Homestead and its collections, but also to interpret the Northern Catskill region from the 17th Century to the present, and to attract to the Museum, through diversified programs, all age and interest levels, using the Historic House Landmark as a backdrop of many educational and cultural programs, events, and exhibits.  

Pratt's Rock

Often referred to as "New York's Mount Rushmore," Pratt's Rock is a series of carved murals and memorials commissioned by Zadock Pratt to commemorate his achievements. It is located near the homestead on Route 23. The site is free and open to the public daily, and a steep path leads to the rocky base-relief chronicling Pratt's accomplishments indelibly.

Upcoming Exhibits

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Property Information
May 29 - Oct 10, Saturday & Sundays
10 AM-5 PM