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Windham Fine Arts Gallery

Windham Fine Arts is a contemporary gallery located in the heart of historic downtown Windham, New York. They opened our doors in 2001 after a 3 year restoration of the original 1855 structure. The space is steeped in local charm with over 3000 square feet of curated space. The gallery hosts local and internationally acclaimed artists and presents solo and group exhibitions while hosting cultural and art events year-round.

Upcoming Exhibits: 

Michael Davidoff is a regional realism artist, known for his authenticity in detail and color of the Catskills. 

Wildlife painter, Gary Ampel paints in a realistic style, capturing on canvas the majesty of wildlife throughout North America.

October 23 - November 30

Experience the captivating allure of “Gathering Storm” by artist John Reinhardt. Be transported to a tranquil place where ominous gray clouds and a solitary barn reveal the beauty of simplicity.  

Elissa Gore surrounds the viewer with a panoramic view of sunlight foliage in “Autumn Lake II” reflecting nature and its transformative power.

November 19 - December 19

Join us on a journey through snow-covered scenes and frozen lakes where artists Loreen Oren and Mara Lehmann capture the magic of the season.