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Outdoor Exhibits

The Great Northern Catskills is home to some of the world's most unique outdoor exhibits.   

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cat sculpture

Cat n' Around Catskill

Cat n' Around Catskill is celebrating its 18th year of with 69 fabulous felines along Main Street and beyond. One cat can also be found in Cairo and another in Coxsackie as part of a swap among the three outdoor art exhibit projects.

The cats will remain on display through Labor Day and auctioned off at the Cats Meow Auction on September 21 at the Historic Catskill Point.

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A row of owls

"What A Hoot!

This year, 39 extraordinary owls have landed across the village. Two more can also be found perched in Cairo and Catskill. The owls will be auctioned off at The Wire Event Center on September 29. For anyone who wants to create their own owl, miniature statuettes are available for order for $39 plus shipping.

This public art installation is sponsored by the Village of Coxsackie and organized by the Hoot of the Owl Committee since 2017. 

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cairo bear

Bears Around Cairo

Fifty-four magnificent bruins can be found on the streets of Cairo, Acra, Roundtop, Purling and South Cairo, plus two bears in Catskill and Coxsackie each.

Got a favorite? The ​bears ​will be ​auctioned ​off ​at ​the ​Cairo ​Bears ​Auction ​and ​Gala on September 28 at the Old Factory Brewing Company. 

This annual exhibit has been organized since 2018 by the Cairo Development Foundation.

More information can be found at

Hometown Heros

Cairo Hometown Heroes

Hometown Heroes is a living tribute to the servicemen and women from the Town of Cairo who served our country from the Revolutionary War to the present day. Each banner will honor a specific Town of Cairo former or present serviceman or woman and will include their picture, branch of service, & military conflict in which they served.

hometown heroes

Athens Hometown Heroes

From Memorial Day to Veterans Day you can find banners of U.S veterans throughout the village of Athens! 

Catskill Hometown Heroes Image

Catskill Hometown Heroes

Each individual banner honors a specific Catskill Veteran or present resident who served in the Armed Forces. Banners are displayed throughout the Town of Catskill, hamlets of Palenville, Leeds, Kiskatom, and Cementon.

Coxsackie Hometown Heroes

Coxsackie Hometown Heroes

The banners honor Coxsackie veterans who were a lifelong resident, a long term resident, or one who was living in Coxsackie when they were drafted/ enlisted.

They are located throughout the village of Coxsackie.

The banners bring a great sense of pride in our community.