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Athens Cultural Center


The Athens Cultural Center has been a gathering place for local arts, classes, film, and community happenings since 2005. ACC offers a rich variety of free and paid classes for all art enthusiasts. Exhibitions are presented throughout the year, along with special events. Housed in a former 1870s storefront, ACC is steps away from the Hudson River. Every December, ACC presents their signature authentic Victorian Stroll.


February 24 - March 10, 2024 - Brush Form Focus - Curated by Lucy Michener, "Brush Form Focus" unites the distinct perspectives of four accomplished member artists from ACC, spanning the realms of painting, photography, and sculpture. Richard Bazelow, Lucy Bohnsack, Millie Goldberg, and Marianne Van Lent delve into the profound themes of nature, time, and memory, converging to create a truly unique gallery experience. The exhibition prompts contemplation of the rhythmic patterns of the natural world and delves into the transformative effects of time on both internal and external environments.

Through diverse mediums, varied life experiences, and distinct artistic approaches, the exhibition weaves a tapestry that transcends the individual parts. "Brush Form Focus" encourages the audience to reflect on their relationships with the worlds around and within them, fostering empathy by uncovering both newfound differences and shared intersections.

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