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Art Uncovered - Explore Greene County's Happenin' Scene

Art Discovery Itinerary

Hudson River School Paintings Come to Life

Have you ever laid eyes on an idyllic landscape painting depicting a wild, untamed American landscape? Chances are it is, or owes its style to, the Hudson River School, a style of painting inspired by the beauty that surrounds visitors to the Great Northern Catskills of Greene County on the daily.

Visit the Thomas Cole National Historic Site, home of the artistic style's creator, and explore the Hudson River Art Trail, a series of hiking trails that lead to vistas and scenery depicted by the artists who popularized the Hudson River School style. Hike to vistas such as the Catskill Mountain House Site, offering a dazzling view of the river and the pastoral landscape beyond, Sunset Rock, Kaaterskill Falls, and more.

Hands-On Learning

If you're the type of traveler who likes to take the most unique souvenir you can find home with you, then join a one of our outstanding artisan workshops open to all abilities. Learn the basics of pottery at the Sugar Maples Center for Arts and Education. Classes are offered throughout the year, and are open to kids and adults. It's a cool way to be a part of the Catskills' lasting artistic legacy.

Contemporary Stories & Galleries Galore

Lured by the raw beauty of the landscape, and the promise of finding inspiration in nature, artists from every discipline have claimed the Catskills as their home, opening galleries, studios and arts centers. Visit the Village of Catskill and tour shops, restaurants and galleries offering special events and entertainment.

Visit the Catskill Mountain Foundation, a series of art centers offering art classes in everything from pottery to jewelry making, film screenings, exhibitions and theatrical performances. Stop in to Gallery on Main in Windham, a new art and design gallery featuring international sculptors, furniture, paintings and wood carvings by celebrated artists.

Museums & Historic Sites

Beyond the Thomas Cole House and New Studio, a replica of the painter's studio that opened in the spring of 2016, the Great Northern Catskills have a rich history that is lovingly honored at historic sites and museums throughout the region.

The Bronck Museum in Coxsackie holds the distinction of being the home of the oldest structure in the Hudson Valley, a 13-sided barn, and a passionate group of volunteers who give tours filled with rich historical detail, bringing the 17th century to life.

In Prattsville, the Zadock Pratt Museum immortalizes the life of the town's namesake, a leading citizen who carved his life's story into the cliffs around the area, an attraction known as Pratt's Rock.

Take a meandering drive through the Kaaterskill Clove Experience, a set-your-own-pace car trip that travels through the region's cultural hot spots, and visit the Mountain Top Historical Society, St. John the Baptist Ukrainian Catholic Church and Grazhda, and the Piano Performance Museum at the Doctorow Center for the Arts.