Greene County Community Services

Greene County has a relatively small year-round population, but its community services are structured to support the influx of tens of thousands of vacationers each week during the peak tourist seasons.

Our community service infrastructure, especially emergency care, health services and transportation, is further enhanced by proximity to larger communities like the cities of Hudson, Kingston and Albany. If you have questions about the services our communities offer, please contact the Greene County Visitor Center.

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Cornell Cooperative Extension
Acra, NY
CCAR Services
Charter service available for: 24 hour service, weddings, parties, saratoga trips, out of state, ariports, etc.
Coxsackie, NY
Christ Episcopal Church
Coxsackie, NY
Majestic Mountain Transportation/Taxi
Full service to all destinations
Windham, NY
St. Paul's Lutheran Church
Oak Hill, NY
D. R. Evarts Library
Mon.12-8, Tues.12-6, Wed.12-8, Thurs.12-6, Fri. 10-6, Sat. 10-2, Sun. closed. Director: Janet Dymond
Athens, NY
Hunter Public Library
Open Monday 10am-2pm, Tuesday 10am-4pm, Wednesday 12-4pm, Thursday 12-6pm, Friday 10am-4pm, Saturday 10am-2pm, Sunday closed. Director:  Regina Johnson
Hunter, NY
Palenville Branch of Catskill Public Library
Tues. & Thurs. 12-7, Fri. 10-5, Sat. 10-1, Closed Sun., Mon., & Wed. Director: Jessica Maisano
Palenville, NY
Second Reformed Church
Coxsackie, NY
First Reformed Church
Coxsackie, NY
1-10 of 117


Viewing Listings: 1-10 of 117
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