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A Tiny House Stay Plus Electric Bike Rental

Dates: 15 April - 30 November 2021
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Rail to trails, its a buzz word these days, you can now venture from NYC to Buffalo on a bike, well in the Catskills we have some of the most beautiful rail to trail conversions, and experiencing these 20 and 30 mile segments on an electric bike is amazing. We have added a small rental fleet for guests at A Tiny House Resort to add on to their stay. We have plotted and love to ride on the trails we recommend. Our bikes fold for easy car access, or if you have a hitch we can loan you a bike rake. Experience a tiny house and now experience the best of the Catskill on a Rad Bike.

Looking to experience the adventure of Tiny House Living, add an Electric Bike Rental on to your stay.  We can tell you the best spots to ride, off road, no cars, beautiful scenery, plan to spend a half day, pack a lunch, or stop at any of the many restaurants along the different trails.  This is an off property activity, only available to guests who stay at A Tiny House Resort.