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Sail Hope Customized Charter

Dates: 01 June - 30 September 2023
, Catskill, NY
  • Summer Packages

Sail Hope has a 28 Foot Sloop (sailboat), that sails out of Catskill NY. We offer 3 and 4 Hour trips up and down the Hudson. We also offer some "Customized" charters. Our boat is licensed to hold 6 passengers. we have a refrigerator, small kitchen and toilet facilities. Many of our guests bring cocktails and food, and celebrate anniversaries, birthdays etc.


Our sail includes circling the Athens lighthouse, and on request we can stop at your favorite riverside restaurant for pick up and drop off.


In summer we offer rafting behind the boat, and in all seasons, great for bird watching and wildlife.


Captain Stefany is a USCG licensed Captain, with many years of sailing. 


Our paying customers allow us to provide free sailing opportunities for our non-profit mission.


The cost is $60 per person for a standard 3 hour tour.


Sail Hope, Inc.

Sailing from Athens, Catskill and Hudson