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Cozy Catskill Chalet

At face value, cozy Catskill chalet appears to be just a humble little getaway tucked in the Catskill Mountains of Windham, NY. But even the most discerning guests will be quickly spirited away by the rustic charm and postcard-esque surroundings all around. At night, can't be-beat stargazing on the back deck (or while soaking in the hot tub) will have you convinced this humble hideaway is a lot more illustrious than it lets on. Built in 1972, cozy Catskill chalet is a well appointed European style Chalet situated on 2 private acres of Pleasant View Manor with bucolic mountain views. It is located in the cozy, picturesque ski town of Windham, NY "Gem of the Catskills" in the Catskill Mountains.

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