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July 2018

Greene County Film Office Announces New Name, Greene County Film Commission

Greene County’s film office announces its new chapter as the Greene County Film Commission with the launch of their Film In Greene logo.  This comes on the heels of the opening of LUMBERYARD Studios’ Qualified Film Production Facility in downtown Catskill – the first of its kind in Greene County.

The Hudson Valley Region has lent atmosphere, landscape, and context to films from every genre and budget, including Steven Spielberg’s 2005 blockbuster with Tom Cruise, War of the Worlds, and the Learning Channel’s popular Say Yes to the Dress. This new chapter of the Greene County Film Commission – in partnership with LUMBERYARD Studios – heralds a new dawn of filming in the region. Together with LUMBERYARD, Greene County is pursuing a Consolidated Funding Application (CFA) Grant for a marketing campaign to attract film companies and production houses to the area.

“We are excited about this announcement and partnership with LUMBERYARD Studios,” said Heather Bagshaw, Greene County Tourism Director. “With their new designation of a Qualified Film Production Facility and their knowledge of the film industry, Greene County is able to capitalize on the economic value a film brings to this region. The CFA will provide the adequate funding needed to launch a campaign aimed at driving film production to Greene County.” 

LUMBERYARD Studios offers a purpose-built sound stage and 12,000 square feet of production space just outside of New York City. On-site accommodations, state-of-the-arts acoustics, and a 40% State Tax Incentive are just a few of the benefits of filming in Greene County.

“LUMBERYARD Studios is a dynamic new option for filmmakers across the country who want to utilize the natural beauty of the Hudson Valley,” said Adrienne Willis, Executive and Artistic Director at LUMBERYARD. “We are proud to call Greene County home, and are excited to launch this amazing new partnership with the Greene County Film Commission.”

The region’s unique mix of small downtowns, sprawling views, and waterways provide a diverse location for film projects – and the Greene County Film Commission provides on-site contacts for everything a film project in the Catskills might need on-site, from catering services to casting agents, and location scouts to makeup artists.  

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