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January 2018

Road Trip Masters to Debut show in Tannersville, Friday, January 12th, 7PM at Villa Vosilla

Road Trip Masters once again rides into town, this time with the debut of their 2nd season that was filmed in the Town of Hunter and surrounding area. The first episode of Road Trip Masters 2nd season will be shown Friday, January 12, 2018 at 7pm at the Villa Vosilla Resort Nightclub in Tannersville. The public is welcome to attend.
After meeting Nancy Petramale, Senior Sales and Marketing Coordinator of Greene County Tourism at the Philadelphia Adventure and Travel Show last year, Road Trip Masters was inspired by the destination and wanted to feature the area in their second season. With the help of Anne Jakubowski, Executive Director of the Hunter Foundation the script, locations and filming was completed last summer.
"We are truly excited that this opportunity has come to our little 'Painted Village in the Sky'" said Mayor Lee McGunnigle. "What a great way to showcase the area and Villa Vosilla, a four generation family owned resort". The episode will include the newly renovated Scribers' Catskill Lodge, New York Zipline Adventure Tours, Villa Vosilla, Main Street Tannersville, Last Chance Cheese Caf´┐Ż, the Tannersville-Hathaway Trail System and Elena Patterson the Originator and Sponsor of the "Painted Village in the Sky".