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November 2017

LUMBERYARD Contemporary Performing Arts Officially Announces Major Construction Phase on Catskill Campus

CATSKILL, NY-- LUMBERYARD Contemporary Performing Arts today announced that the majorconstruction phase has begun on its state-of-the-art performing arts center in Catskill, NY.Since LUMBERYARD's relocation from Washington, D.C. to Catskill, NY in 2016, all sitepreparation work is now complete. The project is moving forward ahead of schedule and will beready for use by late 2018.
LUMBERYARD is partnering with Vermont-based PC Construction, with offices in Poughkeepsie,on the effort to transform the former Dunn Builders Supply into a world-class performance andresidence space. The location will serve artists by providing them technical support andresidencies before a national or New York premiere.
"Today marks an important milestone not only for our organization, but for the performing arts inNew York State and the Northeast. LUMBERYARD is poised to make a tremendous economicimpact here in the Catskills and Hudson Valley, and also forge a connection between upstateand downstate for artists, audiences and thought leaders from all over the world," said AdrienneWillis, executive and artistic director of LUMBERYARD.
"The addition of a world-class performing arts center in the Catskills is a great step forward andwhen LUMBERYARD opens in 2018, visitors will also explore the culture and heritage of theCapital Region and drive increased tourism to the area," Empire State Development President,CEO and Commissioner Howard Zemsky.
"LUMBERYARD has already proven itself as a great partner to our community through initiativeslike the LUMBERYARD Young Performers after-school program, and I join their organizationtoday in celebrating another step on this journey," said Vincent Seeley, president of the Village ofCatskill. "The LUMBERYARD represents a tremendous investment in our community and region,and will bring new excitement, visitors and opportunity to Catskill."
A highlight of the four-building campus will be a flexible performance space that can bereconfigured to replicate the variety of New York City and worldwide stages where residentartists'works will ultimately premiere. The residencies will culminate in out-of-town premieres,which are widely seen as integral to the development of Broadway-bound theater productionsbut are rare for works of dance and contemporary performance.
LUMBERYARD also launched its Raise Our Roof appeal this month to raise funds to literally raisethe roof of the planned performance space by a full 20 feet. The major renovation willaccommodate custom-made lighting, rigging, and scenic capabilities that can replicate thevisions of America's most exciting performing artists, as well as the setup of any major theater inthe U.S., and is a key element in making LUMBERYARD a world-class facility.
In August, LUMBERYARD Contemporary Performing Arts secured a $5 million construction loanfrom California-based RSF Social Finance. Previously, the project was awarded two RegionalEconomic Development Council grants totaling $800,000 in recognition of LUMBERYARD'spotential to revitalize Catskill.
LUMBERYARD Contemporary Performing Arts is the only organization in the United Statesdedicated to providing technical residencies that culminate in out-of-town premieres. Oncecomplete, there will be on-site space for residence for up to 20 artists.
About LUMBERYARD Contemporary Performing ArtsLUMBERYARD Contemporary Performing Arts is a national non-profit organization that serves theperforming arts community and its audiences by providing multi-faceted opportunities for artists todevelop new work. Unwavering in its commitment to assisting artists throughout the creative process,LUMBERYARD operates with a collaborative and generous spirit, one driven by this support forartists and appreciation for the audiences who value their work.
LUMBERYARD's four-building campus on the Hudson River waterfront is a transformational projectand part of the resurgence story of Catskill, NY. The complex consists of a main Lumberyard buildingin Catskill and three large adjacent barns along Catskill Creek. There will be a large, column-free,flexible theater, a lobby, administrative offices, housing for up to 20 resident artists, an artist loungeand a public courtyard. Phase II will encompass the three adjacent structures, which LUMBERYARDwill develop in collaboration with the Village of Catskill and in line with the Village's Downtown andWaterfront Revitalization Strategy.
Each year in Catskill, LUMBERYARD will present a summer season consisting of premiere and workin-progress performances by celebrated professional artists and companies, serving local residentsand attracting tourists from across New York and beyond. From October through April, the facility willbe available for collaborative residencies, subsidized and commercial rentals and communityprogramming.
For more information about LUMBERYARD, visit or follow on social media at:Facebook: @Lumberyard_Instagram: @lumberyard_catskill