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June 2017

Windham Fine Arts Exhibit "Viewpoints: Ilona Sochynsky" Continued Through July 10

Extended through July 10th in the South Gallery, Windham Fine Arts, Viewpoints: Ilona Sochynsky. Glimpse into a well-developed sensibility, articulating different aspects of the artist's growth and essence. Pop, Cubism, Photorealism, Surrealism all serve as a point of departure leading to her distinctive treatments of shape, plane, use of bold color and fragmented imagery. Excerpts from a variety of series (Capriccio, Fetish, Fragments) including her latest, Fugues. "Using the circular form I attempt to interweave fragments and textures into a contrapuntal composition, whose basic structure consists of themes stated successively in different voices. I aspire to create harmony and provoke a dreamlike state of altered consciousness in the viewer."
Catch Kaleidoscope before it closes! Designer's Reception 5-7:30 pm Saturday, June 24th. A must for designers and decorators, digital evolutions by Marko Shuhan push oil paintings to explore metaphor and illusion through digital manipulation. Hyper-real mixed media collages by Maya Farber stretch perception to its limit, evoking the question of what is preconceived v. what is created through a series of still life dialogues. Abstract glassworks by Glenn Abel share the world through his vision of fused and cast glass, manipulated and expressed through vibrant color. The Color Field Sculptureᆴ installation of Transitions by Shelley Parriott now graces the west lawn. Her miniature interior to large-scale installations present visual and perceptual dichotomy; an integration between the corporeal and the intangible. Extended in the North Gallery, Windham Fine Arts through June 26th.
Image Renaissance opens on July 1st in the North Gallery. Whether coming or going from the Windham Art Alliance 'Art Fest' at Christman's Windham House, add this stop onto the weekend art tour. This collection keys into creators who have backgrounds in the traditional medium of photography and painting, while incorporating the expanded digital tools and palette now available as part of the 21st century. Works by Michael Toole, Michael Story Martin, Susan Copich and Terrance DePietro help us understand this next true renaissance. Attend the Collector's Forum the same evening from 5 to 7:30 pm, an opportunity to learn more about featured art, artists, why and how to integrate art as part of an investment portfolio. Focus will be the inherent value of limited editions, monotypes, and what to look for investment integrity for the digital age. As an art collector or would-be investor this is something not to be missed. Fine beverages and light culinary fare. Join our mail list or call 518.734.6850.
Extend your weekend art tour by joining Windham Fine Arts for the Artist's Talk by Paul-�mile Rioux on Sunday July 2, 1 pm A new addition to our collective, this photographer from Montr�al, Canada has incorporated a variety of signature digital techniques to create mesmerizing imagery using his photography. He is one of the featured artists of Image Renaissance.