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October 2020

Schlachtfest at Mountain Brauhaus

    • Sat, 09/19/2020
    • Sat, 10/03/2020
    • Sat, 10/17/2020
    • Sat, 10/24/2020
  • 430 Winter Clove Rd., Round Top, NY 12473

Schlachtfest is a one of a kind experience that is sure to be fun for the whole family and a one for the scrapbook. Celebrated four times annually throughout the fall at the Mountain Brauhaus in Round Top, NY; festivities include live German/American music by a renowned German band, authentic German/American cuisine, abundant German beer on tap, topped with a traditional Schlachtfest celebration parade lead by our very own Master of Ceremonies. 

A Schlachtfest is a traditional German celebration going back thousands of years, celebrating the pig, as pork is traditionally a staple in the German diet. Each fall townspeople would harvest their pigs and process them into various roasts, sausages, soups and other delicacies making sure to utilize the entire pig without waste. Schlachtfest is a way for the German people to praise and celebrate the pig and all that is has done and provided for them throughout the year.

Today we celebrate Schlachtfest at the Crystal Brook Resort and Mountain Brauhaus to enjoy great food and drink as well as continuing a great cultural tradition. The evening starts with a traditional Schlachtfest dinner including, Metzel soup, Sultze (headcheese), Cucumber Salad, Fresh Ham, Bratwurst, Blutwurst, Liverwurst, Hox, boiled potatoes, dumplings, sauerkraut, finished off with our famous Napoleon for dessert. After the traditional meal is over the ceremony will continue.  Have fun, and be a part of an authentic ceremony.  The pig is then raffled off for you to take home a piece of pork to enjoy with your family. This is sure to be a night that you’ll never forget!

COVID guidelines are mandatory.


Crystal Brook-Mountain Brauhaus Resort

Authentic German hospitality with live German entertainment.