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May 2022

Riedlbauer's Resort's Nussy's Bier Garten Opening Weekend with Second Chance- Memorial Day Weekend

    • Sat, 05/28/2022
    • Sun, 05/29/2022
  • 57 Ravine Drive, Round Top, NY 12472

Kick off the Summer at Riedlbauer's Resort.  A 3-day weekend means 3 Partie!. Friday, Saturday and Sunday... 9 o'clock...Party Time! Also Nussy's Bier Garten's Opening Weekend, Saturday and Sunday from 12pm til 8pm ...and to make it a grand opening with an incredible band, Second Chance will play from 4pm to 8pm at Nussy's Bier Garten.


Riedlbauer's Resort

Enjoy schnitzel and bratwurst in Nussy's Bier Garden at this German/American family resort.