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July 2023

Outdoor Mushroom Cultivation Series

    • Thu, 05/25/2023
    • Thu, 07/06/2023
    • Thu, 09/28/2023
  • 6055 Rt 23, Acra, NY 12405

Want to learn how to grow your own mushrooms or start a small-scale mushroom operation? Join CCE and Catskill Fungi to start your journey!

Are you interested in exploring how to grow your own mushrooms or even start a small scale mushroom operation? This workshop is a 3 part series. Attend all three to develop the skills to successfully farm mushrooms on your land. Sign up for all three at a reduced cost.

Outdoor Mushroom Cultivation Series- Part 1: Log Inoculation, the basics

Date: May 25

Time: 4:30-7:00

Participants in this workshop will learn various techniques for growing different species of mushrooms using a variety of materials, with a focus on shiitakes on logs. You will also participate in a hands-on experience inoculating bolts of wood with shiitake spawn and bring home your own inoculated log for personal enjoyment.

Outdoor Mushroom Cultivation Series- Part 2: Mushroom Farm Management

Date: July 6

Time: 4:30-7:00

Join us at the Siuslaw Model Forest shiitake laying yard to learn about managing shiitakes, as well as other mushrooms, as a crop. At this hands on workshops, participants will experience soaking, fruiting and harvesting shiitakes, and will learn what is required to build your own mushroom yard. In addition, we will examine where we harvested small pole-size trees used for inoculating the shiitake mushrooms, and understand the rationale for harvesting those particular trees as part of forest improvement. Participants can be sure that they will leave this class with mushrooms to try and will gain an understanding of how to profit from this newly recognized crop.

Outdoor Mushroom Cultivation Series- Part 3: Plan, Process and Profit from Forest Fungi

Date: September 28

Time: 4:30-7:00


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