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January 2022

Looking at American Landscapes: A Migrant Perspective at Mountain Top Arboretum

    • Sat, 01/22/2022
  • 4 Maude Adams Road, Tannersville, NY 12485

Cost of Admission: Free- WEBINAR, please sign up on our website.

Every influx of new immigrants has significantly altered American landscapes with the plants they have introduced, their farming and ornamental horticultural practices and their understanding and organization of green spaces. All this change has happened without a clear understanding of what these activities have meant to the land itself. A new understanding of the history of the American outdoors will lead to better design and more holistic and sustainable land use.

Horticulturist and Landscape designer Wambui Ippolito is the 2021 Best in Show award winner at the Philadelphia Flower Show, the largest show of its kind in North America. Wambui was born in Kenya. She was influenced by her mother’s garden in Nairobi, her grandmother’s farm in the countryside and the natural landscape.

 Wambui is a graduate of the New York Botanical Garden's School of Horticulture. In 2021, Veranda Magazine named her one of '11 Revolutionary Female Landscape Designers and Architects You Should Know". She lives in New York City, where she concentrates on urban gardens, public spaces and large estates.


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