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May 2020

Flyday Music Festival

    • Fri, 05/15/2020
    • Sat, 05/16/2020
    • Sun, 05/17/2020
  • 348 Sunside Road, East Durham, NY 12423

Join the Flyday family at Blackthorne Resort! 20+ incredible funk/fusion/reggae/rock/jam bands on 2 stages over 2 days at the first spring outdoor music festival in the Northeast. 

Kick off the music festival season in a room on site or in tent or RV camping.  Incredible music, artists,  food, microbrew, bonfires and vendors, and people! 

No hassles at the Blackthorne! Come party with us! Huge 50-foot high dome-covered outdoor audience area at both stages.  And The Phoenix Pub is open early to late inside next to the stages.  It's a great time at great place!  Come fly with us!!


Blackthorne Resort

Family owned Irish resort featuring weekly fireworks and movie nights.

Flyday Music Festival

Celebrate late spring, music, friends and life with us!  Good vibes, good people, GREAT music!!!!