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June 2023

Catskill Fungi Mushroom Walk with John Michelotti

    • Sun, 06/18/2023
  • 4 Maude Adams Road, Tannersville, NY 12485

Join John Michelotti of Catskill Fungi for an entertaining and educational walk to explore the fungi in the Arboretum forests. Mushrooms open up a world of history, science, and incredible facts to boggle the mind. We will bring samples back to the center to be categorized, identified, and uploaded to iNaturalist to be part of the Fungal Diversity Survey of North America. We will discuss the mushrooms we discover: their historic uses, medicinal properties, ecological functions, edibility, and more. Dress appropriately for the weather—we’ll be exploring rain or shine.

Catskill Fungi produces high integrity, triple-extracted health tinctures from mushrooms that are wild-crafted or grown near our family farm in the Catskill Mountains. We enjoy sharing our love of mushrooms on our guided mushroom walks, medicinal and cultivation workshops, and our fungi retreats. Catskill Fungi has a foundation of permaculture principles. This means the core of our business is about helping people and improving the planet through our work with mushrooms. We practice sustainable harvesting, leave-no-trace principles, and compassion for the environment. We aim to empower people to grow edible mushrooms as a sustainable source of fresh food, to heal themselves through utilizing health properties of fungi, and to explore the historical uses and present-day innovations of these essential fungi.



Mountain Top Arboretum

The Mountain top Arboretum offers a natural sanctuary for everyone.