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February 2020

5 Day Meditation Retreat with Venerable Jiandu

    • Sat, 02/08/2020
    • Sun, 02/09/2020
    • Mon, 02/10/2020
    • Tue, 02/11/2020
    • Wed, 02/12/2020
    • Thu, 02/13/2020
  • 710 Ira Vail Road, South Cairo, NY 12482

There are many methods of meditation. Although they seem simple and straightforward, it is best to practice under the guidance of a teacher. With a teacher, a meditator will be able to learn the fundamentals and more importantly to correct beginner’s mistakes. In this 5-day intensive meditation retreat, you will be guided by scholar-practitioner Venerable Jiandu, a direct disciple of Chan Master, Wei Chueh, to learn and to practice traditional Chan Buddhism meditation in one of the most peaceful monastery environments in Greene County.

This retreat will consist of sustained periods of silence mediation with sutra studying, and evening talks. The container of Silence, which includes refraining from speaking (except with the teachers as scheduled and as needed), reading (excepted as guided), writing, and technology, with the exception of emergencies. Organic vegetarian meals will be offered. It is a rare opportunity to slow down and give our hearts and minds some space to access our inner wisdom and compassion. 

Advance registration is required for all participants. Attendance is required for the duration of the entire retreat. For more information and registration, please email  


Mahayana Buddhist Temple

Mahayana Temple

For more information and registration, please email