Scenic Byways

What is a New York State Designated Scenic Byway?

A scenic byway is a transportation corridor that is of particular statewide interest. It is representative of a region's scenic, recreational, cultural, natural, historic and/or archaeological significance. A byway has a story to tell along its route connecting not only the beautiful scenery but the area's history and culture. Whether a scenic byway offers one or many of these things, it always offers a great experience.

Greene County is home to two unique scenic byways providing magnificent views of the Catskill mountains from a far and in close proximity. However you experience them, via car, motorcycle or bicycle, you are provided a front row seat to the region's most scenic vistas. The scenic byways offer unique experiences all year long, and one of the best times to get a vibrant viewpoint is during the fall season where mother nature's colors add to the scenery in bright orange, yellow, red hues.


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