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A playwright named Kieron becomes obsessed with creating a play about the collapse of his relationship with a singer-songwriter named Jade. Can he do it without being vindictive or humiliating himself too much? Is he on slippery legal ground if he uses their real names? Should he even be writing this play in the first place?? John Sowle directs and Bonita Jackson and Jason Guy star in this dazzling Chinese puzzle of a play, utterly contemporary but written in the style of a 1930s screwball comedy ("His Girl Friday", "The Awful Truth"). Fizzy as champagne "but with a shard of broken glass at the bottom"!

Hours: 7:30pm

Bridge St. Theatre
An 84-seat theatre and speakeasy located in the heart of Catskill. Once a factory, Bridge St. Theatre was purchased in 2013 with a vision to provide space for local theatrical productions. 

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