Birdwatching and Wildlife

There are many outdoor activities that bring visitors into the Catskills' vast wilderness - but birding may be one of the most rewarding. The Northern Catskills are a birdwatcher's heaven, with more than 270 species reported throughout the region. The area's expansive forest preserve, fertile farmlands and close proximity to the Hudson River provide an ideal habitat for birds and birdwatching.

Nesting season is a popular time to go bird watching in Greene County. Witness the the courtship of a variety of species of different habitats throughout the Catskills, including Chestnut-sided Warblers and Eastern Meadowlarks. With varied terrain and habitats, Greene County is a great place to visit to see the many birds who live and pass through New York.

Deer, Rabbits, Turkey and More

Start your day in the Catskills at a local campground, and bring your binoculars to explore the Catskill Mountains hiking trails - you might see native and ocean species as well as migratory bird passing through. Enjoy the scenic wilderness views - and while you're out there, look for a great variety of wildlife including bears and white-tailed deer, in addition to small game such as rabbits, grouse, turkey and pheasants. 

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